Hello! I’ve added a new page under About Dianna, called Tattoos. The page has most of Dianna’s tattoos with pictures and meanings and significance. Click  on the thumbnails on the website to view the full size. I hope you guys enjoy this new feature on Dianna Daily!

Click here to visit ‘Tattoos’


A student of 826LA wrote an essay on creativity and careers, with inspiring input and wise words from Dianna. I thought it was interesting and pretty influential, so here is a little bit of the essay. Click on the link to read the full essay.

In an interview with actor Dianna Agron, I learned that, “Makeup is the most important part of creating a new character. You don’t want to look like yourself, and you don’t want audiences to see repeat looks of you.”

Read the full essay.

On Tuesday July 8, Dianna was spotted with her boyfriend Thomas Cocquerel leaving the Chateau Marmont. I’ve added candid photos to the gallery, enjoy!

1~96.jpg 2~91.jpg 6~79.jpg 8~73.jpg 4~83.jpg

Gallery Link:
Candids > 2014 > July 10 – Dianna and boyfriend Thomas Cocquerel leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood

According to various sources, Dianna is currently filming a new film, Headlock, playing Tess Chandler.

Role: Tess Chandler

Other Cast: Mark Polish, Andy Garcia, Justin Bartha, James Frain, and D.W. Moffett

Director: Mark Polish

Writer: Mark Polish

Release Year: 2015

Production Company: Benaroya Pictures

Status: Filming

Links: IMDb    |    Twitter    |    Instagram

On June 24, Dianna attended David Foote’s Exhibition at SUMO. You may recognize David Foote as the director of one of Dianna’s upcoming projects, Famous. I’ve added some pictures from the event to the gallery, enjoy!


Gallery Link:
Public Appearances & Events > 2014 > June 24 – David Foote Exhibition at SUMO

Hi everyone! I apologize for my little unannounced hiatus since March. Once again, I am back officially to keep you updated on Dianna. Anyway, I’ve updated the gallery since my absence, with candids, appearances, and a photoshoot. Also, Dianna is starting a new film project entitled Tumbledown, which I added some on set photos, too.

Visit the gallery to check out 800+ new additions!

Yesterday on March 19, Dianna was spotted at a Lakers Game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, sitting next to comedian Amy Schumer. I’ve added the photos to the gallery, enjoy!


Gallery Link:
Candids > 2014 > March 19 – Dianna At A Lakers Game At The Staples Center

Next week, Dianna will be on Glee again. Here’s the promo below for the episode!

Hello guys! I am so sorry for the lack of updates in the past month. Anyway, I have finally caught up from what I have missed. Ranging from new candids to new appearances, enjoy!

36.png 46~11.jpg50~8.jpg 79~0.jpg 91.jpg

2~59.jpg 10~45.jpg 25~31.jpg 30~27.jpg 33~21.jpg

19~36.jpg 45.png 55~6.jpg 67~2.jpg 98.jpg

37~19.jpg 52~8.jpg   

Today on February 18, Dianna was spotted shopping at Whole Foods market. I’ve updated the gallery with MQ/HQ candid pictures, with hopefully more to come soon. Enjoy!


Gallery Link:
Candids > 2014 > February 18 – Dianna Shopping at Whole Foods

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